Accra, Ghana

Tuesday 6:48 pm



Trade & Investment

Ghana, a member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and located on the west coast of Africa, is strategically positioned for trading activities between Ghana and the outside world. For many years, Ghana has been the gateway for regional trade and investments in the west African sub-region.

The present stable political climate, steady economic growth of approximately 5% per annum and improved macroeconomic performance have created a congenial atmosphere for business and investment in Ghana. Its strategic position provides easy access to the country. Investors desirous of tapping into the country's abundant natural resouces are very welcome to invest in Ghana.

The 1994 Ghana Investment Promotion Act guarantees non-Ghanaians the freedom to setup and run business enterprises in areas such as pharmaceuticals, hydropower projects, natural gas production, fruit and vegetable farming, food processing, agro-chemicals production and Information Technology.

Furthermore, the government's privatisation initiatives has opened up avenues for business partnerships in Telecommunications, banking and the country's petroleum industry.

The contributing factor to the promising investment climate in Ghana has been the implementation of sound macroeconomic policies and the promulgation of liberal investment legislations that free the investor from unnecessary bureacracy and provide facilities to reduce cost and delays in project implementation. The establishment of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) Act 478 of 1994 with the mandate to encourage, facilitate and promote domestic and foreign investment is a prime example of such legislations.

You are most welcome to contact the High Commission for more information on investing in Ghana.